5 Amazing Winner Quotes

When I began working at PrizeGrab, one of my favorite things to come across were winners' quotes—and they still are!

When our winners tell us how they feel immediately after they have been informed that they won a prize, it warms my little ol' heart.

We have winners at PrizeGrab every single day!

After PrizeGrab winners are notified of their prize, they fill out their delivery information so we can ship their prize to them.

The winner can also choose to tell us how they feel in that winning moment.

It's in that moment where I read some of the most kind, sweet and inspiring notes!

So, I put together a list of my favorite quotes that I hope you all will enjoy, too!

5. Laura from Unadilla, NY, won one of our daily Amazon $10.00 gift card giveaways!

She said something that I feel would benefit our PrizeGrabbers who enter every day for prizes, and she's right! Keep trying and you never know what can happen!

Winner Laura from NY

4. Amanda from Hobart, OK, won our new tires sweepstakes valued at $1,000.00!

Amanda told us she was praying for a way to fix her car and how winning a new set of tires will make it easier for her!

Winner Laura from NY

3. Brandi from Leesburg, GA, won one of our daily Starbucks $10.00 gift card giveaways!

She was so happy to have won a prize that she told us she will continue playing to hopefully win a BIGGER prize! Here's to winning more than a Spelling Bee!

Winner Laura from NY

2. Jesse from Calera, AL, won our most recent $1,000.00 cash giveaway!

Jesse told us this win couldn't have come at a better time because his truck broke down a couple of weeks ago. Well, Jesse, I am so happy PrizeGrab was able to lend a hand!

Winner Laura from NY

1. Beverly from Bossier City, LA, won one of our biggest prizes on PrizeGrab.com... $5,000.00 in cold, hard CASH!

Beverly told us, like many of our cash winners, this prize came at a necessary time for her because her home's AC needed to be replaced. I'm happy we could help!

Winner Laura from NY

Thank you for making our day!

The PrizeGrab family is extremely important to the entire PrizeGrab Team. We're a small team, and when I see an amazing testimonial from one of our winners, I have to share it with everyone!

Quotes from winners make the team's day go from good to GREAT! I love seeing the team smile and know that we're working towards the same mission - to make happy winners.

PrizeGrabbers, for those of you who haven't won yet, don't lose hope! Be sure to enter every day to maximize your chances of winning. You can't win if you don't enter!

As you can see from these 5 Amazing PrizeGrab Winner Quotes, PrizeGrab is real and ALL of our prizes are guaranteed to be awarded!

Tell me PrizeGrabbers, what would you say if you won a prize you have been entering for every day? Comment below and let me know how you think you would react!

As always, have an inspiring day!



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