6 Rules you NEED to follow!!

There are 3 things I really don't like: pickles, car honking, and scammers!

Unfortunately there has a been a lot of talk about scammers on PrizeGrab’s Facebook page recently. It's made me furious! Please follow these tips to make sure that you do not lose any personal information or cash to a scammer.

1. Do not EVER send money to someone who says they are from PrizeGrab. PrizeGrab will never ask for cash to pay for taxes, processing, or fees.

2. PrizeGrab will not contact you on Facebook, by phone, or send you a form to claim your prize via US Postal mail. Please email

3. Never give your social security number, phone number, address, or other pertinent information to anyone on Facebook who states that you've won a prize from PrizeGrab.

4. PrizeGrab will only send a prize or any other correspondence to your home from a UNITED STATES mail address. We will not give you an address that is not located in the United States.

5. Always email fraudprevention@prizegrab.com if you have been contacted by someone who is impersonating a PrizeGrab team member. Email contact@prizegrab.com if you suspect suspicious activity but are not sure!

6. If someone contacts you on Facebook or any other medium and asks for any cash or personal information, please take all measures to BLOCK them and guard your personal information. After blocking, please email fraudprevention@prizegrab.com to let us know who contacted you along with a link to their user profile and/or name and email address.

Please stay safe, PrizeGrabbers! Keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious. If you have a question about a person or winning, please contact us!

Email contact@prizegrab.com if you have any questions or concerns.  

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