An Open Letter to PrizeGrabbers

Dear PrizeGrabbers,

We always try to guess prizes that everyone will love and for the most part we do a pretty good job. One thing we like to have is something that PrizeGrabbers constantly tell us they want to see, and who can blame you?

Electronics might possibly be a PrizeGrabber favorite!

You've been telling me every day how much you wanted to see another TV prize! You guys love your electronics. :) Well, we put up the Samsung 4K Curved HDTV and the response was PHENOMENAL. In total PrizeGrabbers entered over 2 MILLION times! And, we had ONE lucky PrizeGrabber who won! She had 251 entries out of the over 2 million eligible entries (a 0.01% chance to win)! She's certainly had Lady Luck on her side!

Our winner's name is Britt Johnson, and she is from Eau Claire, Washington!

I recently spoke with Britt and it was awesome. She had so much personalityvit was infectious!

YES, you REALLY won!

When Britt found out she won, she sounded pretty stunned. When we told her she won the TV, she asked us,

"Is this true? Did I really win that TV?".

Such a simple phrase, but it made me grin from ear to ear to hear her that excited!

Our Prize Fulfillment department told her, "Yes you really did win! This is not a joke", to let her know that she did, in fact win the TV.

That little exchange is probably one of my favorite moments because while it was so few words, they were filled with SO MUCH excitement.

When Britt was told she'd won, she was at a loss for words. She told me

"I have no words!!!!! I have tried every day for months I wanted it sooooo bad. There is no way I would ever even dream of being able to afford it. Thank you more than I can even put in words!!!!"

ROCK ON Britt!! :D It is so awesome to hear that you were so excited. It really makes my day to hear from happy PrizeGrabbers!

I recently had a chance to catch up with Britt after her win.

Watching someone go through the process of winning is awesome, but I'm not gonna lie, seeing your winner photos are the icing on the cake at PrizeGrab! Your photos make it so much easier to put a face to the prize and name! I even like getting photos from PrizeGrabbers of your pets and day to day life!

After receiving her prize, Britt was very happy to show us the TV in the box and after setting it up.

I wanted to make sure the TV arrived safe and sound. I have a horrible phobia that anything breakable that we send to a PrizeGrabber is going to show up in a million pieces. Of course, the delivery services are just on top of it and have never delivered anything less than perfect. PHEW!

Thankfully, when I asked if she received the TV and loved it, she let me know that my worries were unfound. "Yes the TV was delivered and it is unbelievable!". OK, Britt. That's awesome! I didn't see any mention of glass shards. My day is already going better.

"I am sending a picture of my grandson", she said. Britt sent me a picture of her Grandson with the TV still in its box. That's so awesome! I love seeing pictures of the kids in your lives!

WOW, it's ALMOST as big as he is I thought when I saw the first picture of him with the tv (see above)!! When I mentioned the size, she confirmed and told me that "This TV is so big and cool I haven't figured out everything it does by any means yet." It's OK, Britt. All new electronics have a learning curve for us. :) It takes forever for me to remember how to set the clock on my microwave after the power goes out!

I knew she loved her TV, but she really wanted to make sure we knew it! "I LOVE IT and can't thank you enough". You guys are always so generous with the thank you's, and I love them! But seeing your smiling face with that giant TV is the best thank you we can get! :D

We feel great when you feel great!

Suddenly, she made me realize how much good we do with PrizeGrab by telling me she "can't even imagine owning anything like it without". Thinking of PrizeGrabbers receiving something that you wanted but knew it was just a little out of reach at this time made me SUPER happy!

Finally, I asked her if her Grandson liked playing games and mentioned that he could play games on the TV. "Yeah he definitely found the games! Didn't take him long either". I knew he would be quick to figure that out! I'm so glad you guys love it!

Now how about a game of Pong, Britt? Wait, do they still have Pong? I suddenly feel out of date.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for listening to me every week, PrizeGrabbers! I love writing to you, and I hope you enjoy reading. Now, remember, PrizeGrab takes dedication with your entries, some patience, and a lot of luck! I wish you the best of luck in your entries.

And as always, Have a blessed day!

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