Cash in a Flash!

If you had to guess, what would you say is PrizeGrab's most in-demand sweepstakes? Hm, what's that? Did you day CASH? You did?! Great guess! You're absolutely correct! 

With that in mind, we make absolute sure there is an assortment of cash prizes on and we do this because we know it's what you want to win! is a sweepstakes website that gives you what you want!

With so many different games of chance at your fingertips, we strive to be No. 1. The head honcho. The top dog. Numero uno! The absolute BEST sweepstakes website there is. We want to make it easy. We want to make it fun. We want to make it safe. 

Fishing for a little feedback on the PrizeGrab experience, we reached out to recent PrizeGrab winner Romeo C. who know's all too well about the PrizeGrab experience because he was a recent winner who took home a cool $1,000 CASH! Welcome to the winners club, Romeo!

  • What do you love about PrizeGrab?

"I love PrizeGrab because it’s free! I actually stumbled upon it from one of the other sweepstakes I entered. Secondly is that there are sooooooo many prizes. Which allows so many chances to win. Next would be the people. You guys really reach out to people and make sure that we get the notifications and prizes. :)"

Well gosh! I'm blushing over here! It's so nice to be noticed for your hard work sometimes! And would you look at that! You found out about PrizeGrab from another sweepstakes website and you won here FIRST! p.s. PrizeGrab will ALWAYS be free!

  • Why do you love sweepstakes?

"It’s a game of chance with little to nothing to lose."

Couldn't have said it better myself!

  • What is the prize you really want to win and why?

"I would love to win one of the MacBooks or the HP Omen as I also need a new laptop or a Mac for my phone. Of course I'd like to win one of the other cash prizes as I could buy this stuff and more!"

Another very popular prize. Our laptops! This is also something we make sure we have available at all times! Good luck Romeo!

  • How often do you enter? What's your inspiration?

"I enter almost everyday, as I hope to win once more. Since it’s free and I like the prizes features. :)"

Persistence is the key to success and you're a fine example! Like my mom always said, if you're going to do something, do it right!

  • What was your reaction when you found out you were THE winner of the $1,000 cash for back to School?

At first I was kind of skeptical. Then when the check arrived, I was so thankful! I was literally jumping with joy as the need was indeed timely.

This reminds me of my first time flying. After I boarded the airplane and took my seat I sat there thinking "how in the world is this thing going to get off of the ground?" Well, once we were in the air, I was also so thankful, although I wasn't jumping with joy, I was hanging on for dear life, in a full state of panic. I did jump for joy, too, but that wasn't until we were back on the ground. Either way, I'm glad your experience was much better than mine! Congrats again on such an awesome win Romeo and thanks for writing back to us!

Well PrizeGrabbers, that's another happy winner on the books! This train isn't slowing down or stopping anytime soon, so what are you waiting for? Enter on now! You could be next!

COMMENT below with what YOU would buy if you won $1,000 COLD, HARD CASH on!

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