Cooking with Fire!

As the old saying goes “One cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not eaten well.” To eat well, you have to cook well and to cook well, you need the proper kitchen equipment! The team here at PrizeGrab LOVES to eat (who doesn’t?!) and we have a pretty good idea of what does and doesn’t work in the kitchen and Calphalon most certainly does! 

When we get together to discuss prizes, Calphalon is unquestionably our go-to kitchen essentials set. We want our PrizeGrabbers to have only the highest quality products and this is why we have Calphalon’s 14-piece cookware set on as often as we can! 

The most recent winner of our Calphalon 14-piece cookware set sweepstakes, Thurmond R., was kind enough to write in to us and let us know how his sweepstakes experience was on and what he thought of winning!

  • What do you love about PrizeGrab?

“I really enjoy the Prizegrab website. I play daily!”

We try to make our website easy to navigate and easy to enter from. We take pride in the fact that we have NO surveys and NO merchandise to scroll through. Less is more! 

  • Why do you love sweepstakes?

“I enjoy sweepstakes because they help pass the idle time since I have retired.”

Spending just a little bit of time every day on for the chance to win so many awesome prizes! Life is good!

  • What is the prize you really want to win and why?

“I would enjoy any prize!” - Everything has it uses!

From Amazon gift cards to $25,000 cash, has it all!

  • How often do you enter? What's your inspiration?

“I play daily and my inspiration is competing with others!”

Competition is a fun driving factor! We love competition and this is why we encourage all of our PrizeGrabbers to keep those entries maxed! 

  • What was your reaction when you found out you were THE winner of the Calphalon 14-Piece Cookware Set?

“I didn't believe it when I was notified that I won. We are so happy especially with all of the holidays around this time of year. Thanks PrizeGrab!”

“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” We hope you enjoy cooking for your family Thurmond! Make sure you put LOTS of love into that food!

Cooking can be so much fun and we’re so excited for Thurmond! Our PrizeGrabbers don’t see it but every time we have a winner here at PrizeGrab, we’re are so excited for them behind the scenes. We enjoy sending out all of our prizes, knowing it will change someone's day, week or even their lives, for the better. Imagine feeling like Santa Claus every single day! We are blessed in the sense that we can impact people's lives in a positive way while being able to provide for ourselves and our families. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

So...what are you waiting for?! For your chance to win, make sure you’re entering on!

COMMENT below with what YOU would cook if you won a Calphalon 14-piece cookware set on! 

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