Decisions DECISIONS! What would you buy with a $500 AMEX card?

I ask PrizeGrabbers all the time what they would do if they won a cash prize because I love hearing from each and every one of you!

Some of the things that you guys say are incredible. What do you guys think? I'm going to let you see some the great things other PrizeGrabbers told me they'd do if they won. Would you do the same thing? Watson E. "would really love if I won this money so me and my family could enjoy a ps4." Amen to that Watson! I don't think we've had a PS4, so I'm gonna bring it up at our next staff meeting. Consider it a prize on a our to-do list. I mean, c'mon, a Playstation 4 sounds like so much fun! You can watch movies together, play video games, watch videos of family gatherings, play Christmas music in the background while you decorate the tree... and so much more. I really like that idea.

Steve F, wrote us a little while back and I just LOVED what he said, Steve told us that "if i won i would go back to school and buy my kids everything they wanted." I couldn't think of a more noble thing to do then continue your education and help your kids. Nothing would make me happier for Steve and everyone who plays to win.

Do you remember looking through the giant JCPenney's catalog and seeing all of the toys and your kids would beg you for almost everything in there? I remember seeing tons of circles around items on the dogeared pages every year until Christmas. I do and I think Steve would have QUITE the job buying all of the things a kid could want. :)

You guys have awesome ideas about giving and taking care of business! Some of the top answers I've received from PrizeGrabbers:
  • give to charity

  • pay off bills

  • buy a car

  • build a home

Sometimes after reading all of the ideas you guys have for what you would do if you won, I get a little sad. I've never told you what I would do if I won a cash prize? Well, I'm going to tell you my ideas now!

  • purchase a new wardrobe

  • buy new cookware

  • spoil my dog, Goldie, with treats and toys

  • get a new pair of shoes (a really fancy pair)

  • get my hair done

  • go on vacation to the mountains!

  • and have the most expensive dinner out ever

Whew, I’m glad I got that off my chest and was able to particpate with everyone. It can be so lonely reading everyone's emails. But I know one great thing that EVERYONE would love to win is an American Express Gift Card.

What would you do with $500 of American Express cards?

I'd like to introduce you to Shirley from Witchita, KS. So far, we have had 11 PrizeGrab winners from Kansas and Shirley was our 3rd winner from The Sunflower State!

I recently spoke with Shirley to find out what she did with her $500 of American Express gift cards, and at first, I think she was a bit reluctant to tell me at first. She only replied by telling me that she is "afraid that I am a very boring person as I didn't buy any thing special!"When I heard that, I was bummed, because I was thinking of all the awesome things you can do with $500 in gift cards!

I mean, I could almost buy an elephant with that amount of money, but as she kept talking, I learned that Shirley did so much more with her gift cards than she thinks! She continued telling me what she did and caught my attention by saying she "bought mostly supplies, my Daughter and I spend a week together in December baking and making candy"Wait a minute Shirley, you BAKED? OMG! I love baking! The cakes, the pies, the cookies, the bread... the CARBS!

She started telling me than what she did with her winnings, and it was FAR from boring! Suddenly I felt like I was in a Christmas story, with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. It only made me more jealous when she said they "then made trays to give to friends and neighbors, we always use 50 pounds of flour and 50 to 75 pounds of sugar and the supply list goes on and on!".

At this point, I really wanted to be one of Shirley's neighbors. I felt like Mr. Rogers singing, "Would you be my Neighbor" while my stomach was growling. I was thinking of the baking possibilities with that much flour and sugar. I could make 10 red velvet cakes, over 100 chocolate chip cookies, or even 25 loaves of bread! I was thinking she must have spent a fortune baking for her neighbors. When I read "That is where 2 of my cards went", I was astounded. Only 2 cards?!

Wait a second, Shirley! You mean to tell me that only took the first two cards of your winnings?! That is surprising! After telling me how she spent her first $200 in American Express gift cards, she admitted, to my disappointment, that she "couldn't tell you what I spent the rest of the money on". But, knowing Shirley like I do now, I bet she purchased some awesome stuff or made a giant cake to share with PrizeGrab HQ (hint, hint). Ooh, maybe she bought 25 bags of chocolate chips, oodles of noodles to make lasagnas, some awesome cookbooks, or maybe even some springform baking pans! She then surprised me by throwing a curveball from left field with "but I still have $20 left on my last card. So there you have it, I really just frittered it away!".

What? After all of this time, Shirley still has money left on her card! Talk about a savvy spender! If it had been me, it would have all been gone in the first day! I am so thankful and happy that Shirley shared her winning story with me. Turns out, she was thankful, too! My heart got as warm as a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie when she thanked PrizeGrab.

It was her FIRST win!! You're welcome Shirley! It was so awesome to speak with you and hear your story of baking and caring for friends, family, and neighbors! That is actually one of the most interesting stories about winning I've heard in a while! I'm not sure I could have found anyone more interesting than that. :)

Now what would you do with 50 pounds of flour and 75 pound of sugar?!

I was so happy to hear this story that I had to look up some information. I was curious as to how much flour and sugar she used! Hearing it in pounds is one thing, but hearing it in actual cups is mind boggling! To put this in baking perspective, that is 225 cups of flour and 180 cups of sugar! Woah, Shirley... you were a busy lady! :)

Then I wondered how much flour and sugar I eat every year, and I found out that the average American eats 192 pounds of flour and 141 pounds of sugar annually! Shirley's purchase was nearly HALF of what we consume daily for a YEAR! I've done a lot of baking in my life, but I don't even know if I've used that much flour and sugar in my baking LIFETIME! :)

You guys are all pretty amazing!

I love hearing from each and every one of you, and I invite you to reply to this blog and tell what you would do with a cash prize? If you got great ideas from this post, be sure to check out our $777 cash prize to enter for a chance to win!

Have a blessed day!


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