Have you seen this GIANT 65″ Samsung HDTV?!

At PrizeGrab HQ, we love reading everything from emails, to facebook and blog comments from our PrizeGrabbers informing us about how much they LOVE being able to enter for a chance to win. We especially love hearing how much everyone gets cheered up with the chance to win which could made their day, week, month or year! :)

One of my favorite prizes for people to enter is any of our TV sweeps.


Because you can curl up in a blanket and watch TV while drinking hot cocoa. No worries, no care in the world! Just you, your family or friends vegging out on the couch! :) When you get together with family to watch the big game and bond over snacks,  you end up making memories that last forever.

Or what about when you sit with your child or grandchild to keep them company when they are sick and not feeling well? Who knows, you might inadvertently create their favorite movie for them just because of the memory associated of watching the same movie with a you for the millionth time.

You're providing them with lovely memories and FUN. I can still remember my favorite movie and why it is that way. It is the original King Kong from 1933. I used to watch it with my Grandpa every time I was home sick from school.

That's how I know our PrizeGrabbers love to enter for a chance to win a TV.

You are all someone's child, grandchild, mother, father, grandfather, friend and so much more!

For PrizeGrab, it's just great to be able to give someone that chance to win something they might not be able to get on their own!

I'd like to share with you some of the comments we get from PrizeGrabbers who didn't win but were very happy to have the chance to play.

"You are so nice to reply. Thank you. I never thought I would get such a personal reply from such a big company. I was really just kind of releasing my own frustrations of not winning the TV. I was just so sure I would win it. Thanks again for your kindness." - Charlotte

We understand that sometimes you just need to hear back from someone, so, we make sure to respond to everyone we can and read every email we receive! So, rest assured that your email will receive the attention it deserves when you email PrizeGrab!

"Hey hope u did great I play prize grabbers all the time and sometimes it seems I'm getting close to winning something but not yet but I will continue to play" - Elizabeth

At Prizegrab, we also understand that sometimes it can be disheartening when you don't win that one thing you've been trying to win. That's why we like to give you so many opportunities to win throughout the year! We can't make everyone a winner, but we sure can give everyone a chance!

"Yes you made me happy I've never won anything before I hite every site but if I don't win it's ok I had fun thank you" - Eddie

I know it can be hard to not win after entering daily, but you still have a chance to win in other sweepstakes! So, cheer up fellow sweepstaker!! Someone has to win every single item we post on PrizeGrab. (or else we offer them as unclaimed prizes)

But never the less, we still do have winners and I'd love to talk to you about our very first TV winner!

Everyone meet 65" HDTV winner, Christina E. from Greenbriar, Arkansas!

She won a GIANT 65" Samsung HDTV,  and she must have had Lady Luck on her side since she only entered 10 times! That just goes to show that EVERYONE has a chance to win!

When PrizeGrab emailed her and told her she won, she replied, "It looks great in my living room! Thanks for picking me as a winner!".

WOW Christina. You weren't kidding... that TV does look great. And, it was our pleasure to hear that you won this TV! I hope you're still enjoying your favorite shows, movies, and video games in HD on your giant screen. :)

She even sent us a picture of the tv in action! Check it out at the top!

Christina has 4 movie theaters in her area but with a TV that big, you can "go to the movies" at home! Can you recommend some movies for Christina to watch on her TV?

What would you watch first if you won a giant new TV?

I have so many memories tied to television shows that when I see a rerun, I tend to remember where I was at the time I first saw the episode! Did you know the average American watches 5 hours or more of TV every single day?! Do YOU watch that much TV? What is your favorite show? Some of my favorite shows include: Wheel of Fortune, I Dream of Jeannie, and Dancing with the Stars. I wonder... can you guess what some of my favorite shows are if I just put up a picture? Comment and let me know which shows you recognize!

©1964 ABC Television

©1968 Greenway Productions

©1959 NBC Television

©1969 NBC Television

If you won a if you won a TV from PrizeGrab, where would you put it in your house? Would you have room for a 65" TV? Would you want to see these shows in beautiful HDTV on that big screen?

I know I would make room no matter what!

Remember, whether you win or not, it's trying that matters. And thank you to all of our PrizeGrabbers for being so lovely!

Have a blessed week!

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