How One Entry became a $2,500 Check!

True or false? All it takes is 1 entry to change someone’s fortune.

Answer: TRUE!

One of the reasons that PrizeGrab has become a blessing not only in my life, but in the life of our PrizeGrabbers is that all it takes is 1 entry to change someone’s fortune!

For one lucky PrizeGrabber, that’s exactly what happened. Meet James A. Langham of San Antonio, TX.

As many of you know, PrizeGrab always has large cash prizes available to enter. Since we were founded in 2013, this has been very important to us.

Late last year, James entered and won a PrizeGrab $2,500.00 cash sweepstakes!

James said:

"Have never won anything in my life!!”

You’re so welcome, James.

At the time that this sweepstakes was running, it was the largest cash prize to date and featured on our Refer a Friend Page.

PrizeGrabbers who successfully refer a friend to sign up for PrizeGrab as a new member then receive an email with 1 click access to enter the $2,500 prize. (Click here to enter to win our next $2,500.00 prize here

When the prize ended in December 2014 and we emailed winner James to tell him he won, he couldn’t believe it! James quickly responded and said he was "Stunned!!” and “Thank you so much.”

As community manager, it is always great to communicate with all PrizeGrabbers. But what made this prize extra special to me is that this very first winner of the $2,500.00 Cash prize was also a first time winner himself!

PrizeGrab Winner James Langham Congrats, James!

Well there's a first time for everything and we're so glad PrizeGrab was the first sweepstakes James won!

And "Refer A Friend" he did!

He had this story to share with us:

“I went to Chase bank and opened a new bank account with them. I told everyone there about PrizeGrab. They couldn’t believe you don’t have to pay to play, buy something, so there be several people from the bank that will now play.”


We are all so happy for James. Our PrizeGrab community had such amazing things to say, which you can see below.

PrizeGrab Winner James Langham Facebook
Our PrizeGrab Family is strong!

The amount of money that he won can be life changing and we are so happy for James. Winning took him by such surprise that he didn’t know what he was going to buy. After receiving his prize, James wrote back, “Not sure yet what I will use the money for. Maybe a new phone, as this one is on it’s last days, I fear.“ 

I’m sure whatever James purchased was something he normally wouldn't be getting! We are so happy that. He now knows 1 entry is all it takes to be in the running to win HUGE cash like $2,500.0o!

But You Can't Win if You Don't Enter

Remember you won't have a winning story like James’s if you don't enter.

And the best way to enter is to always check your email because we send you daily reminders with 1-click access. We love giving out prizes so much that we try to PrizeGrab Quick, Fun and Easy! So keep an eye out for our morning reminder email.

You can check out our newest $2,500.00 prize here ( as well as many other prizes we have on the Prizes page. We have winners every day like Alton C. from Jonesboro, AR who won a gift card and wrote “Wow! Thanks for the Gift Card! Maybe next time I'll win a bigger prize! :)”

As always, no purchase necessary!

As you know, PrizeGrab is free and safe to play 100% of the time! We don’t charge for entries, or shipping if you win! If you win and claim your prize, then the PrizeGrab Team fulfills it with a big smile on our faces :D!

That’s what makes PrizeGrab far more unique than any other sweepstakes site. We don’t require any hoops for you to play or win! All it takes is one entry and your fortune could change!

The only question left is... will you refer any friends to gain 1-click access to this $2,500 sweepstakes? I really hope so

Best of luck and have an inspired day,


P.S. Already maximized your daily entries to win the $2,500.00 prize? Then make sure you take a cruise on the PrizeGrab Super Cash Highway.

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