How One PrizeGrabber's Instagram Post Became a $1,700 Handbag

"Thank you so very much. I am feeling so blessed and totally tickled. You have made my day, week, month and year!"

I always want to know what PrizeGrabbers want to win, so the PrizeGrab Team came up with a pretty cool idea!

What better way to interact with PrizeGrabbers than in a contest where YOU tell US what you want to win?!

This is how the PrizeGrab “I WANT TO WIN” contest was born!

You upload a photo of ANY item you want to win, which is valued at up to $5,000.

Here is how our exclusive PrizeGrab Instagram Contest works:

While logged in to your Instagram account, you upload a photo of ANY item you want to win and be automatically entered for your chance to win it from’s Official #IWANTTOWIN Contest!

These are some specific details on how to enter and make sure we can see your entry:

Winners are chosen based on the originality and creativity of their Instagram posts – so be sure to make it fun and unique!

Recently PrizeGrabber Robin C., from Eagle, ID, posted this picture on her Instagram account, used the hashtags #PrizeGrab and #IWANTTOWIN, and won!

Robin uploaded this post to her Instagram account to let us know she wanted to win it!

Robin wanted to win a Louis Vuitton handbag (valued at $1,700), so what did we do?

After Robin won, we direct messaged her on Instagram from our @OfficialPrizeGrab account (the only real PrizeGrab account there is!) Then we let her know she won!

Robin was so ecstatic that she won our very first Instagram “I Want to Win” contest!

She was even more excited that she would be receiving an AWESOME Louis Vuitton handbag on her doorstep!

What Robin Said

Now talk about gratitude – Robin was so grateful to be chosen as a winner!

PrizeGrabbers can submit as many entries as they want to our “I Want to Win” contest on Instagram!

I asked Robin a couple of questions that she was more than happy to answer for us!

1. What was your reaction when you found out you won our Instagram "I Want to Win" contest?

"I was completely shocked! This prize was honestly the one prize that I never thought I would ever win. Winning a Louis Vuitton bag ranks right up there with winning the lottery for me! Winning this bag was honestly a moment I will never forget!"

2. What do you love about PrizeGrab?

"I love the variety and quality of your prizes, I also really like how kind and gracious you were when you contacted me about winning."

3. Is there anything you’d like to say about your experience with winning the PrizeGrab "I Want to Win" Instagram contest?

"Thank you for all that you do! You really are fulfilling dreams for people with your 'I Want to Win' contest. You are a true blessing to all the people you touch!"

Take a look at the image Robin sent us below after she received her new Louis Vuitton handbag in the mail! It matches perfectly, Robin!

Who will be our next "I Want to Win" winner?

PrizeGrabbers can submit as many entries as they want to our “I Want to Win” contest on Instagram!

If you want to know more about our “I Want to Win” Instagram contest and see examples of submitted entries, check out our webpage here. A winner is guaranteed.

PrizeGrabbers can submit as many entries as they want to our “I Want to Win” contest on Instagram! You can enter the contest right now!

Check out the one and ONLY PrizeGrab Instagram account here .

Tell me PrizeGrabbers, what would you want to win from PrizeGrab?

Comment below and let me know!

As always, have a blessed day!



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