Tell us what YOU would do with YOUR $10.00!

Hi guys! I know times can be tough, especially these days, so I ADORE seeing who our daily winners are for a $10 gift card. These days, $10 can help so much with the smallest or BIGGEST things. Here are some of my ideas for what you can do with a $10 gift card from Amazon or Starbucks!

How would you spend $10 at Amazon?

You could:

  1. Use your $10 gift card for groceries using Amazon Pantry!
  2. Buy that piece of jewelry or fishing equipment you've been eyeing forever.
  3. Purchase your favorite movie to watch on a rainy day.
  4. Pay $10 towards a purchase of an awesome new iPad, Samsung TV, laptop, or some other large electronic you've had on your wishlist.
Here are some awesome items under $10 that you could purchase:
  • Some trick gum to play a quick trick on your friends
  • A pair of aviator sunglasses
  • A decorative phone case and stylus pen for your smart phone
  • A pair of earrings or a necklace
  • A set of screwdrivers or a ratchet set
  • Are you a Mom/Dad or a grandparent? There are numerous adorable baby outfits or toys!
  • A 60" inflatable banana (I'm not sure if you'd want that, but when I found it... I had to tell you!)

How would you spend $10 at Starbucks?

  1. Purchase a Venti Mocha Latte with an extra shot of espresso... or maybe a Caramel Frappacino if cold drinks are your style!
  2. Buy $10 of your favorite Starbucks coffee flavor and brew at home for a while!
  3. Buy lunch or breakfast and try one of those fancy bottled waters they have in the cooler up front.
  4. Maybe you could finally purchase that cute mug they have, but you passed up until you could afford it later.

All that to say, there's a lot you can do with $10.00.

Since coming to PrizeGrab and speaking with our daily $10 gift card winners, I've learned $10 can go a LONG WAY in this world in helping people!

In the spirit of "every little bit counts", I'd like you all to meet Donna M. of Charlemont, Massachusetts.

When Donna won her Amazon gift card, she replied back to a PrizeGrab winner's email and said,

"You know, I've been "feeling lucky" lately. You guys just proved that I am! This is awesome! Thanks so much for a fast and easy way to "grab" a "prize!" :)".

Awww, thank YOU Donna! :) We're so lucky to have you as a PrizeGrabber! When asked what she planned on purchasing, she said, "No plans as of yet". Maybe this post will give her some ideas. ;) Maybe our PRIZEGRABBERS can give her some ideas?

Now, let's meet a Starbucks gift card winner (mmm coffee).

Everyone, meet Nancy M. of Jacksonville, FL! She had an awesome idea for her Starbucks gift card... give it to a loved one as a gift! Sometimes, there's nothing better than giving a surprise gift to someone you care about. Seeing the look of surprise and joy when giving someone a random gift can be a gift itself!

Nancy replied to her PrizeGrab winner email and said,

"Thank you very much! My son loves Starbucks!!! This will be a nice surprise gift for him. Again, thank you".
He's in luck, too, because Jacksonville has a WHOPPING 21 Starbucks in their area, so he can choose from his favorite! ;) That's a lot of Starbucks...

Providing prizes to people is awesome but also keeping them awake in the morning is just an added bonus. ;) Thanks so much Nancy and son!

So, here's my question I pose to you glorious PrizeGrabbers!!!

What would YOU do with your $10 if you win? Comment Below!

Would you put it towards something bigger like I did with my dolls or would you run into the candy store and have fun on a rainy day? Give me your ideas for what YOU'D want to purchase (especially your favorite coffee drinks).

As always, have an inspiring day!

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