You Won’t Believe What these PrizeGrab Imposters Are Doing!

Something has been keeping me up at night. I want to tell you what it is.

It started with one message from a PrizeGrabber Facebook fan, asking whether a "James" worked at

"James?" I asked. I had no idea what they were talking about. We have no James here on the PrizeGrab Team!

Then another Facebook message came. A different PrizeGrabber asked: "Is there a Mikhael working there? He friended me on Facebook."

I was confused. We don't have a Mikhael at PrizeGrab, and we certainly don't personally friend PrizeGrabbers on Facebook. Then suddenly my heart sank. I realized what was happening.

Imposters were pretending to be PrizeGrab on Facebook.

Nefarious parties are claiming to be PrizeGrab in order to steal money from PrizeGrabbers and even try to steal their identities. The imposter accounts look like PrizeGrab, using our logo and brand name, but in fact they are dangerous people who have nothing to do with the real 

The imposters try to get personal information like your address, Social Security number, even "whether you live alone." Yes, really. There are bad people are out there.

Some PrizeGrabbers were even scammed into sending money to the imposters.

PrizeGrab is very real, and we want to protect you!

Check out this information and use it to stay SAFE! We've removed PrizeGrabber last names out of respect for their privacy.

    1. Just because they say they are from PrizeGrab, does not mean they really are! 

      If you've seen the REAL PrizeGrab Facebook page, you'll know it is located at That is the only PrizeGrab Facebook page that we have, and we will never "friend request" you.

      Here is a message from one of our PrizeGrabbers.


      May 3rd, 1:34am

      OK the scammer claiming to be with prize grab tried to friend request me again, this time I spammed him !!! He has pics and papers that look real his Facebook name is James prizegrab, that what his Facebook page says and he has all the pics from prize grab, he tries to get your personal info, says you have won the huge prize, he is fake,!!! Don't accept his Friend request !!! This is the second time in 3 days he has tried to friend request me. Take his URL and report it to prize grab, that's what they told me to do

      This is what a fake profile looks like on Facebook:


      Here are some fake profiles to watch out for:


    3. If someone asks you for money, it’s not REAL

      We will never ask you to pay us taxes, shipping, or processing fees. 

      If someone asks you to pay money to claim a prize, immediately capture all their information including the URL of their Facebook account or their email address and telephone.

      Report it via email so we can get them shut down!

      PrizeGrab is 100% free. The most you have to do is fill out a 1099-MISC form if you win a prize over $600. The 1099 form does require your Social Security number but it is only used for tax purposes and is a government requirement!

      You never have to send money at any point.

    4. Their conversation with you will sound real! Do not believe them!

      Look at this conversation a PrizeGrab member, Jan, had with an imposter on Facebook. This happened in a private Facebook message thread between her and the imposter account.

      She believed him, because he sounded so honest!

      You will not believe what he says to her:


      James At Prize-Grab: Hello....

      Jan: Hello, James - how are you? Are you gonna tell me I am a big winner?

      James At Prize-Grab: Wow! Am fine thanks for asking..... How are you doing?

      Jan: Good, thank you

      James At Prize-Grab: Are you a huge fan of the PrizeGrab company??

      Jan: Yes, do ALL of them when they come in my mailbox each day. Do you like working at PrizeGrab?

      James At Prize-Grab: I love my job everyday!!!! How long have you been a fan of our PrizeGrab company....?

      Jan: I bet! If they ever need any remote help, please keep me in mind. I work on the net as a Virtual Assistant, which is a remote secretary and if there are any duties they outsource I would love to apply

      James At Prize-Grab: Sounds great!

      Jan: Thank you Still waiting to win - I click til my hand goes numb, save some for later but click every link, every day.

      James At Prize-Grab: Are you a huge fan of the PrizeGrab company??

      Jan: Probably a year at least. Not sure

      James At Prize-Grab: How long have you been a fan of our PrizeGrab company....?

      Jan: Don't know if you know this but your questions are repeating

      James At Prize-Grab: I only sent one message at a time… Omg if you win the PrizeGrab big prize what would you do or who will you call first!!!....?

      Jan: well, I was gonna catch up bills but I finally got the approval TODAY to rent-to-own my dream house and so I would use it for the deposit & if enough, also the first month's rent My house of 26 years burned down 3 years ago in June and I have been renting ever since but found THE house & now can get it after I rent it for 6 months

      James At Prize-Grab: Is this the first time having a conversation with a member from the PrizeGrab team…?

      Jan: Yes, I had never gotten more than the emails before. Nice to meet a real person behind it all

      James At Prize-Grab: Do you feel lucky?

      Jan: Have never won a thing except tickets to Dollywood and Dolly was not even there, lol

      James At Prize-Grab: How lucky are you feeling?

      Jan: After today's news, thinking I would NOT get the house I want so badly, pretty lucky! I will be eager for the Prize Grab emails tomorrow

      James At Prize-Grab: Take a good guess the reason why you are talking to me right now......

      Jan: Well, my wildest dream would be that you are going to tell me I WON something?!?!?!?

      James At Prize-Grab: Is that your lucky guess?

      Jan: Yes - does that help, lol?

      James At Prize-Grab: Are you sure?

      Jan: Yes, I am sure I feel lucky!

      James At Prize-Grab: How sure are you?

      Jan Really sure - I am due

      James At Prize-Grab: Guess what?

      Jan: What?

      James At Prize-Grab: Well........ Congrats!!!!!!! •

      Jan: Yes?

      James At Prize-Grab: You have won the PrizeGrab Mega Prize and now become a big winner!!!

      Jan: Is it the million and a BMW the lady chatting with me won or do I get a different mega prize?

      James At Prize-Grab: Which lady have you chat with?

      Jan: her name is Linda and she just messages me about you messaged, not messages, and here I am a proofreader!

      James At Prize-Grab: Are you talking Linda W*****?

      Jan: yes - was wondering how she knew to message me? What have she told you? That you said that she won a million dollars and a BMW, lol Did I told anyone that? She ask who have won and we notify that you have won that! Will I get an email or the snail mail I see in the Facebook PrizeGrab posts?

      James At Prize-Grab: You have won the PrizeGrab Mega Prize and now become a big winner!!!

      Jan: Why, thank you! What did I win?

      James At Prize-Grab: You have won your self 1 Million dollars and a brand new car which is a M3 BMW 2015!!!!!!

      Jan: Wow! The million will help pay the taxes on the BMW! Awesome - thank you!

      Do not give them ANY information including address, telephone number, credit card information, social security number, or family member names. Just ignore them and email

    5. Never send money via Western Union

      It has broken my heart and made the PrizeGrab Team very upset, but the imposters have successfully stolen money from individuals.

      Read this real account from a PrizeGrab member, Ruben, who was taken advantage of and sent money to the imposter:

Dear Prize Grab,Thank you for writing back.

His name was James Franklin and he scammed me out of $100. I honestly believed it was your organization, because he was using your logo.

He had told me that I had won a million dollars and a new 2015 BMW.He had ask me to send it and my bank information cause they were going to deposit a check after he had handed me the first payment. So I really thought it was you cause he contacted me by text from this number (360)637-4509.

After I got off the phone with him, I needed to get a letter an award letter from the Social Security Office.So I logged onto my account with them and they said I was blocked and that I had to go to the Social Security Office to verify my address, It wasn't coming up on their computers as the address that I was giving them over the phone.

So I went to the Social Security Office and they looked at the address on my identification and it wasn't matching the ones on their computers. But they knew it was me cause I had proven to them who I was.Anyway, he gave me a copy of my award letter and he was right, it was not my address.

The address on the award letter was [redacted for privacy]. My address is: [redacted for privacy]. Come to find out he had also changed the routing number on my Social Security benefits to another bank. So come the day I get my check, I would've been screwed.

Its bad enough I have to struggle on a day by day basis, but for some to take all my money for a month of $752, would have been devastating to me. The money I get from the government is below poverty level, so every cent I get is more important to me than the last one. Luckily I don't starve, cause I am supported by food stamps. I get them cause I am on disability and have not worked for 9 years due to my physical limitations.

When I saw your logo on this Facebook site and he said I won, I got a little wound up as any human beingwould, if they were living on what I had to get by on. I was just so excited cause I really believed and for it to come to all of this is quite disappointing.But oh well, live and learn .

He also had me send the money to a woman in Washington named Jessica Petersen. He said that she was the person who was in charge of the distribution of the money.

I still have the receipt. So if you need a copy of it let me know and I will scan it and send it to you. I will keep it in my file cabinet in case you need it to prosecute.Thank you for your time I hope you get them, cause this stressed me out, and broken my heart of a dream that I could've had!




So, to give you a few tips to keep safe, here is what we recommend:

1. Never send anyone money for a prize

2. Never accept friend requests from someone claiming to be from PrizeGrab on Facebook

3. Always report suspicious activity to PrizeGrab

4. Save as much documentation as you can if you are contacted by an imposter.

  Places to report: FBI, FTC  and your local Police.




Stay safe and report suspicious activity!


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