2021 Reminder to Keep All PrizeGrabbers Safe From Imposters

Thank you for your help! Why? Because the PrizeGrab team is able to quickly identify imposters pretending to be PrizeGrab thanks to loyal members like you alerting us. Recently a member sent us a screenshot from a text message she received from "prizegrabs.com," a domain not owned by the real PrizeGrab.com. We have no "s" in our domain name.


After researching this "prizegrabs.com" domain, we found it had other Google searches for "sweeps.prizegrabs.com reviews and "sweeps.prizegrabs.com scams". To make it clear, none of these other domains or web addresses are associated with the one and only PrizeGrab.com! 

"PrizeGrabs.com" is an imposter domain and is in no way associated with PrizeGrab.com. Our team has a commitment to our members and has reported this domain to the proper authorities.


PrizeGrab continues to grow and has given away more than $2 million dollars in prizes to our members. We provide the opportunity to win every day with real winners and guaranteed prizes.


Our customer service team works continuously to provide a great experience for our members and that includes investigating and reporting imposter accounts. Our team reports any accounts considered "scam accounts" or "fake accounts" by our PrizeGrab members.


If you have been contacted by “prizegrabs.com”, please contact our Fraud Management team at Fraud@PrizeGrab.com. Our team will use every measure available to maintain the safety of our members.


Remember, PrizeGrab only contacts our winners via email. If you ever receive a call, text or social media message claiming you have won a prize, please report this to our Fraud Management team. And PrizeGrab never asks for any form of payment at any time, so if you are contacted by an account asking for any type of payment, immediately contact our Fraud Management team at fraud@PrizeGrab.com.


We want to ensure our community and sweepstakes continues to be a valuable resource for all members. The PrizeGrab team was able to remove dozens of imposter accounts in 2020 and we are committed to ensuring our members receive support and security in 2021.


Once again, thank you for helping to keep PrizeGrab members safe!


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