A PrizeGrab Winner Does It Again!

"This is my second win with PrizeGrab; I won an iPhone 6 last year. You're my good luck charm! Thanks!"

We have winners every single day on PrizeGrab.com - and every once in a while we have two-time winners!

Since PrizeGrab was founded, we've had about 1,700 total winners! Wow!

You can count on PrizeGrab to have the hottest giveaways in electronics, cash, gift cards, and more! That’s why we offer amazing prizes because we know our PrizeGrabbers want to win it!

Recently PrizeGrabber Jeff R., from Arlington Heights, IL, entered our weekly $100 Gas Gift Card sweepstakes and was randomly selected as the winner!

The next day, Jeff checked his email and claimed his AMAZING prize!

Jeff was so happy he won AGAIN from PrizeGrab! Check out a picture of him and his win below!

What Jeff Said

Now talk about luck – Jeff kept entering our sweepstakes and he won!

I always recommend that PrizeGrabbers increase their chances of winning by entering up to the amount allowed per day.

I asked Jeff a couple of questions about being a two-time winner, and he was more than happy to answer them for us!

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1) How does it feel to be a two-time PrizeGrab winner?!

"I feel very fortunate and grateful to be a two-time winner on PrizeGrab. It just shows how perseverance can pay off, and if you enter you really can win."

2) What was your reaction when you found out you won AGAIN?

"When I found out I won for a second time, I was surprised, but obviously elated. I enter contests and sweepstakes frequently but have never won twice on the same website. Winning any sweepstakes once is the luck of the draw and very difficult; winning twice on the same site is like having your own personal Santa Claus or good luck charm."

3) Why have you continued to play PrizeGrab?

"I continue to play because of the variety of prizes you can win. You offer top brands that are of the highest quality."

4) What prize would you want to win next?

"I'm grateful for any prize I win, but if I had my choice I think it would be the sleep number mattress; my current mattress has seen its better days as my back can attest."

5) What advice do you have for PrizeGrabbers who are still waiting for their first win?

"My best advice is not to give up and play every day or as often as you can because you too can be a winner and I'm proof; actually I'm double proof!!"

6) How is the Apple iPhone 6 doing since you won it?

"My Apple iPhone is a godsend. The day I won it my old phone stopped working, and I was prepared to spend a lot of money to get a replacement. Imagine my surprise when I checked my email that day and found out I won an iPhone. It was as though you guys knew what I needed and when I needed it. It could not have come at a more opportune time. The iPhone performs flawlessly and the 128gb memory was an added bonus."

Remember that iPhone 6s Jeff won? Check out the picture below with Jeff and his previous win! 

Again, we thank Jeff SO much for taking the time to answer our questions!

Who will be a PrizeGrab winner next?

It could be you!

PrizeGrabbers, if you’ve been a long-time member and you enter to win prizes every day, don’t lose hope!

The majority of our winners have been loyal members of the PrizeGrab Family for a long time, entering frequently and often! The more you enter, the better chance you’ll have of winning!

Be sure to enter every day to maximize your chances of winning! That will increase your odds of being the winner chosen at random!

Tell me PrizeGrabbers, how would you react if you won from PrizeGrab.com?

Comment below and let me know!

As always, have an inspiring day!

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