Cash in a Flash!

Many people ask, is PrizeGrab legit or is it a scam? PrizeGrab is real people, real prizes and real winners. That is why PrizeGrab has a live feed of daily winners. Winners also share on Facebook reviews. 

PrizeGrab is the #1 Sweepstakes site in America because we create memorable experiences for our members. Members (PrizeGrabbers) are inspired to tailor PrizeGrab to their preference, entering to win cash or items that they are specifically interested in. Unlike some of the other sweepstakes sites out there, PrizeGrab does not require personal information, force surveys or require telephone numbers and addresses. Our signup takes less than 1 minute and our sweepstakes are free to play, winners guaranteed.

PrizeGrab wants to offer prizes that any PrizeGrabber would enjoy, that’s why cash is the perfect prize. We offer big cash prizes like $25,000.00 sweepstakes or $10,000.00 sweepstakes! Checkout the Cashanova’s on our youtube channel giving away giant checks to our big cash winners! For our PrizeGrabbers who don’t like to wait to find out if they are named the lucky winner, we also have one-day prizes like $150.00 cash sweepstakes. PrizeGrab has given away over $2M in prizes with a variety of cash prizes. One of our PrizeGrabbers, Romeo, was named the lucky winner of $1,000.00 cash!. 

Romeo was kind enough to share a picture of his winning moment. He wrote to the PrizeGrab team, “I love PrizeGrab because it’s free! I actually stumbled upon it from one of the other sweepstakes I entered. Secondly is that there are so many prizes. Which allows so many chances to win. Next would be the people. You guys really reach out to people and make sure we get the notifications and prizes.”!

The PrizeGrab team loves positive reviews! Romeo stated, “At first I was kind of skeptical. Then when the check arrived I was so thankful! I was literally jumping with joy as the need was indeed timely. I enter almost every day, as I hope to win once more. Since it’s free and I like the prizes featured. I would love to win one of the MacBooks or the HP Omen as I also need a new laptop of a Mac for my phone. Of course, I’d like to win one of the other cash prizes as I could buy this stuff and more!” 

Romeo is exactly right, with all the cash sweepstakes offered on PrizeGrab, our lucky winners can spend the money on items they need and want. We are constantly thinking of new cash prizes like $2,222.22 or $777.77 cash sweepstakes.

Well PrizeGrabbers, that's another happy winner on the books! This train isn't slowing down or stopping anytime soon, so what are you waiting for? Enter on now! You could be next!

We love feedback from our PrizeGrabbers, have ideas for new cash prizes? Comment below!

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