College Student Wins a MacBook Air!

“There’s no catch.”

I don’t know about you, but when I hear that phrase, a red flag always goes off in my head.

“No catch? There’s always a catch!” my father used to tell me.

But in this case, it’s true - and the person who said it, was our winner Nataleigh C. from Trafford, PA who recently won a MacBook prize! Read our interview with her below!

But before we get to Nataleigh, let’s play a game:

We still have people out there who are skeptical of PrizeGrab and its legitimacy!

I never understood this. After all, where do the skeptics think we get all our amazing PrizeGrab winner pictures and quotes from?!

So let’s play a game. Which answer is correct? You have three seconds, go!

Q: Where do we get our PrizeGrab winner photos and quotes from?

A: (Pick one)

  1. We’re good liars and make all the winners up. The photos are staged.
  2. We have real winners who happily send us their photos with the prize they won. They let us know about their experience because they’re so excited to have won!
  3. We have Santa Claus on payroll and during his low season, he helps fulfill PrizeGrab prizes

As I’m sure you probably know, the correct answer is No. 2.

The majority of members don’t realize that part of the PrizeGrab team is a small but well-oiled group of dedicated sweepstakes enthusiasts who mail prizes to our winners!

This incredible team acquires, packages and ship out winner prizes!

They also find out which prizes our members want most so can run sweepstakes at the convenient time for YOU.

We are a legitimate business and PrizeGrabbers happiness and enjoyment is our No. 1 priority!


We want to formally introduce Nataleigh C. from Trafford, PA, and induct her into our family of winners!

Like I always do, I asked Nataleigh some questions about her experience of winning with PrizeGrab. She happily obliged, writing to me from her brand new LAPTOP!

  • What do you LOVE about PrizeGrab? 

"I love that PrizeGrab is so easy to use and there’s no catch! I also enjoy the wide variety of prizes available to everyone and that they’re updated frequently."

Like I said above, the PrizeGrab Team works very hard to make our sweeps easy to enter and we also work very hard to give away prizes that our members want most. This reinforces that information for us! Thank you!

  • Why do you love sweepstakes?

"I love having the opportunity to win cool prizes!"

Did you know we’re one of the only sweepstakes websites that doesn’t make you watch videos, scroll through merchandise or browse magazines? We also only ask for your first name, e-mail and zip code to register. Again, we STRIVE to be the best!

  • What prize do you really want to win and why? 

"The $10,000 prize would be the one I really want to win. This would help tremendously with student loans, bills and maybe even a trip to the beach!"

Here’s a little secret. By maximizing your entries every day, you put yourself at an advantage over other members who do not. If you really want a specific prize, I cannot stress it enough. Maximize. Your. Entries.

  • How often do you enter? 

"I enter for prizes EVERY DAY at PrizeGrab."

This is the proper approach. We’re all prone to “burn out” or...doing too much of the same thing.

Here’s a personal anecdote. When I play sweepstakes or contests, I enter every day. If I were allowed to enter PrizeGrab sweeps, I’d maximize my entries on the prize(s) I wanted most, rotating between those every other day.

This would give me a significant advantage while preventing loss of interest.

(Although as an employee, I can’t play.)

  • What’s your inspiration? 

"My inspiration is my family. If I were to win a prize that I could share with my family to help them out in any way, I would! I love that PrizeGrab gives me that opportunity."

I've got GREAT news! We've given you another chance to win an Apple Macbook Air! 

Who will be out next big winner?

The stunning 13.3-inch back-lit glossy widescreen display with support for millions of colors comes packed with a powerhouse of performance of 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 and 4 GB DDR3 ram! 

Another winner who did not expect to win! Tomorrow, it could be YOU!

What would YOU do if you won an Apple Macbook Air? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a blessed week!

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