Cooking with Fire!

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf. The PrizeGrab team wants the very best for our PrizeGrabbers and that includes the best home-cooked meals. Our goal is to positively impact our PrizeGrabbers by inspiring hope and joy in everyday life. We believe any individual has the opportunity to sign up easily and enter to win prizes.  

People often ask, "Is PrizeGrab real?" "is PrizeGrab a scam?" The answer is YES PrizeGrab is real. NO PrizeGrab is not a scam! 

Our sweepstakes and prizes are guaranteed per the Official Rules which are written in strict compliance with governmental regulation. They are free to enter, fun to play and always unique. We love to eat and often feature prizes like kitchen equipment and restaurant gift cards. We have given away more than 4 Calphalon Kitchenware sets because they are durable, high quality and easy to clean after cooking.

Thurmond R. was named a lucky winner of one of our past Calphalon Kitchenware sets. PrizeGrab Guarantees Real Winners Every Day and our many winners often contact us after receiving their prizes to give us reviews on the products and tell us about their winning moments. 

Thurmond R. wrote the PrizeGrab team,“I really enjoy the PrizeGrab website. I play daily! I enjoy sweepstakes because they help pass the idle time since I have retired.”  

The PrizeGrab team is always happy to hear positive feedback. Thurmond R. stated, “I play daily and my inspiration is competing with others! I didn’t believe it when I was notified that I won. We are so happy especially with all the holidays around this time of year. Thanks, PrizeGrab!” 

The kitchenware set is a returning prize because of all the winner’s positive reviews. We are so lucky to have loyal PrizeGrabbers like Thurmond R. who share pictures of their winning moment! Our passion for giving away prizes if fueled by hearing about the joy of the winning moment. 

We have had over 6,500 winners and guarantee even more winners in the future! PrizeGrab Guarantees Real Winners Every Day so enter for your chance to win, you could be named our next lucky winner!

So...what are you waiting for?! For your chance to win, make sure you’re entering on!

Have ideas for new prizes? Comment below! 

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