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PrizeGrab was born when two Cashanovas decided to change people’s lives by giving away prizes and cash. They started by building a website in 2013 to create a safe, fun environment to play sweepstakes. Years later, PrizeGrab has grown to be a household name and trusted sweepstakes brand. PrizeGrab is committed to impacting lives both directly and indirectly by offering prizes our members (PrizeGrabbers) want and need. 

Evonna was named a lucky winner of $200.00 cash sweepstakes on her Birthday! As a stay at home mom, Evonna was looking for ways to help provide for her family when she came across PrizeGrab. With so many different cash prizes offered, she figured her odds of winning were high. Evonna was kind enough to send us feedback about her winning experience.

Evonna stated, “Firstly, I love PrizeGrab because of the thrill! You never know what's going to happen. The thrill of possibly winning makes getting emails exciting. PrizeGrab sweepstakes are pretty darn awesome! There are so many different prizes! I love the variety! The variety gives me the opportunity to win so many different things! I would really love to win a large sum of cash! Right now I am a mother of 4 and am not working. It’s hard to find someone reliable and responsible to take care of my kids on a budget I can afford. A large win would help tremendously!”

The PrizeGrab team encouraged Evonna to continue entering to win after she received her $200.00 check in the mail. PrizeGrab has had over 1,500 multiple time winners! Evonna described her winning moment, “I was shocked! My eyes opened so wide and I screamed! It was a blessing and I thank you so much for the chance to win it! You make people smile on a daily basis and I thank you for allowing me to participate and be lucky enough to win!” 

PrizeGrab Guarantees Real Winners Every Day. The more PrizeGrabbers enter, the better their chances of being named a lucky winner! We encourage PrizeGrabbers to maximize their entries daily to increase their chances of winning.  

It takes less than a minute to enter to win! Enter now, you could be named our next lucky winner!  

Comment below what you would do with the cash if you were named our next lucky winner!

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