The Bronx's Five-Time PrizeGrab Winner!

With so many opportunities to win and SO many prizes to choose from, winning could come easy with the right amount of effort and attitude! Francisco, being a family man, is playing for all the right reasons! He’s been a member since early 2015 and he’s our only 5-time winner! He is the staple of effort and attitude!

As I always say, winners NEVER quit and quitters NEVER win. Francisco is a prime example of this. He is also a prime example of how extraordinarily lucky we can be at times. Every member of PrizeGrab has the same opportunity to win as one another with the exception of: your total number of entries AND if you enter every day or not.

Francisco’s secret is the fact that he is determined to enter every single day. He also maximizes his entries on all the prizes he is interested in the most. The phrase “If you’re going to do something, do it right” comes to mind when I think about Francisco. He’s using his time to enter our sweepstakes but he’s also ensuring that he does it to the fullest extent possible to give himself and his family the best possible opportunity to win. Representing Bronx, NY with passion! WAY TO GO, FRANCISCO!

Francisco happily answered some questions for us!

1. What do you love about PrizeGrab?

“It’s easy and fun to enter and you have the BEST prizes!”

2. Why do you love sweepstakes?

“It’s free to enter and any given day you could be chosen as the winner.”

3. What is the prize you really want to win and why?

“I want to win one of the cash prizes. I haven’t won cash yet but it could really help my family. It would be really nice!”

4. How often do you enter? What's your inspiration?

“I never miss a day! My motivation is winning one of the cash prizes.”

5. What was your reaction when you found out you were THE 5 time winner on

“I was in the middle of doing my daily entries when, believe it or not, an e-mail came in notifying me of being a winner. I told my friends and family, it was AMAZING! That’s why I keep playing. Seeing that winner's e-mail!”

Francisco also said, “So PrizeGrab, thank you so so very much and keep making people happy. You sure made my day. I am appreciative of everything. I just want to say to the whole PrizeGrab team you guys rock! Keep up with the cool prizes and as long as you exist I will keep playing!!” Thank you, Francisco! It’s a pleasure to have happy, appreciative people like you, be such a big part of PrizeGrab. You’ve made MY day!

I don’t know if you caught it, but when Francisco was asked what prize he really wanted to win, he said he he wants to win one of our cash prizes and that he hadn’t won cash YET. This is a winning attitude. There is no “I will win” or “I will not win”. It’s simply, I haven’t won it YET. His mind is in the right place. He knows he could win cash someday!

I wanted to share with you, a timeline of Francisco’s winnings by all the pictures he’s submitted with his prizes, so without further adieu:

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus

  • $100 Gas Gift Card

  • Playstation 4 with Black Ops Bundle

  • $10 Amazon Gift Card

You might say Francisco is extremely lucky and in all honesty, he is. It’s not every day someone can say they’ve won 5 times from the same sweepstakes company. Be that as it may, he is also very determined and approaches playing our sweepstakes with the right attitude. He doesn’t miss a day without entering and he also maximizes his entries on the prizes he wants most.

This may seem like a lot of work for Francisco but with as simple as we make it to enter, and a winners determination, it’s “as easy as 1-2-3”, with no surveys to fill out or merchandise to scroll through. 1 click and you’re entered!

WHO’S GOING TO BE OUR NEXT BIG WINNER? It could be you! Let us know what you’d like to win if you were our next winner by COMMENTING BELOW!

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