The Secret of Baking and Winning

Hi PrizeGrabbers!

We enjoyed the reaction to our last KitchenAid sweepstakes SO much, that we have decided to put up another KitchenAid mixer for grabs in a few weeks! Before we get to our PrizeGrab winner post, I'd love to share with you "Hope's Recipe for becoming a PrizeGrab winner". Ok maybe it's not a guaranteed recipe, all our winners are randomly selected, but its's a surefire way to maximize your chances to win!


  • 1 PrizeGrabber who wants to win prizes
  • 1 awesome website called PrizeGrab that has sweepstakes and prizes
  • 1 working computer, tablet, or mobile that can connect to PrizeGrab
  • 1 email account to receive notification if you've been selected as a winner
  • At least 1 entry to each sweepstakes the PrizeGrabber likes on PrizeGrab
  • A dash of more entries to your favorite sweepstakes on PrizeGrab... for good luck


In your computer chair (or another relaxed area), access and sign up to become a PrizeGrabber. Receive awesome emails letting you know about prizes that are available in sweepstakes. Check out the prizes you like the most and enter at LEAST one time (preferrably the max daily so you have maximized your chances) daily per sweepstakes. Wait the recommended amount of time until the end of the sweepstakes period. Check to see who won. Celebrate!


  1. Add bonus entries when you take advantage of all special opportunities sent to your PrizeGrab registered email address
  2. Add exclusive entries via Facebook, Google Plus, and sometimes blog posts
  3. Email Hope and let her know that you entered to win for a prize!

Now that I've shared my favorite recipe with you, this week, I would like you all to meet Katie B. of Oglesby, TX. Katie won one of our Kitchen-Aid mixers! When she received the winning email, her excitement was flying through the screen! She replied,

"Wow I'm so Greatfull This is Awesome News Thank you so much :)"

That photo up there is the smile of someone who is excited to bake!!! A PrizeGrabber after my own heart! Not only that, but she chose one of my favorite colors... COBALT BLUE!

When we took to Facebook to announce Katie's win, all of our PrizeGrabbers were excited for her as well! And, of course, they requested many things... oatmeal cookies and cheesecake to name a couple (I could go for both... hint hint). ;)

All of this talk of food got me wondering what Katie would make first with her KitchenAid. So... I had to ask her. I took to Facebook and spoke with Katie about her favorite recipes to try with her KitchenAid. Her reply?

"Lemon, Chocolate, Coconut meringue pies I know with this mixer or at least that's my hope my meringue should be the fluffiest ever they been thank you again so very much".

I wish you all the fluffiest of meringues, Katie!

And, to help Katie out with her new mixer, I'm turning to PrizeGrabbers. What is YOUR favorite recipe that you'd like to share with Katie? Let's see if we can give her some baking ideas!

As always, have an inspiring weekend!


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