There's Snow Place Like PrizeGrab!

As we continue to grow we want to make sure we give our PrizeGrabbers the opportunity to win what they want most. As social media continues towards being the pinnacle of how our world communicates, we believe that live videos are going to be what interests people the most and we want to be ahead of the curve. We LOVE doing our live events.

The day of a live event, the office is buzzing, team members are running around the office with excitement, plans and ideas are coming together and like when the filming of a movie starts, we flip the switches on and it’s go time! It feels like a real Hollywood production in here and I LOVE it and we hope you do too.

Transitioning towards the new year, there’s much more in store for our PrizeGrabbers. More live events, more prizes and more cash and The Cashanovas™ are going to show that to the world!

We’re also thinking up additional ways to give you the opportunity to win, and to win big! We value your feedback, good or bad! PrizeGrabbers have a dividend on which direction we take our sweepstakes and we need to hear your observations and evaluations! E-mail us! Message our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with what prizes you’d like to see or how we can improve our live events or website. This is paramount to our growth and development for our PrizeGrabber audience. I know I say it a lot, but I reiterate, we couldn’t do it without you!

Now, it’s time to share some winners! With the spirit of our Cashanovas and live events as inspiration, I’m going to ramp it up a little bit this time and share not one but TWO winners!

First, let’s start off with Sireen S. She won $50 CASH by simply watching our live stream and participating. How AWESOME is that?

  • What do you love about PrizeGrab?

“Well they are high energy, full of joy and fun and I can say I love how they perform the live events!"

What can we say, we love what we do!

  • What is the prize you really want to win and why?

“The prize I really want to win is $10,000. Up until recently I have been out of work and am a little backed up on bills. This would be a huge help with that as well as the holidays!"

$10,000 would get you back on track! Like I always say, enter often and keep those entries maxed!

  • What was your reaction when you found out you were THE winner of the $200 cash?

"I was very happy! I was at work when it happened and I had my new co workers watching with me and they saw my name announced. They didn't believe it was real until I showed them the check! They asked for the website and I said!"

What an awesome story! How lucky you are to have been able to share the experience with others! Thank you for spreading the word!

Now on to our next winner, Fantasia B. who also won $200 CASH by watching our live stream and participating!

  • What do you love about PrizeGrab?

“I love how PrizeGrab is real and helps with so many things like gifts and cash."

We help and we love to do it! Did you know that most business pages on Facebook do not provide customer support? We make this a PRIORITY because again, being there for our PrizeGrabbers is #1 priority!

  • What is the prize you really want to win and why?

"I would love to win big due to an upcoming hysterectomy surgery that is going to keep me from working from 4 to 6 weeks and my husband is going to have to carry the burden."

  • What was your reaction when you found out you were THE winner of the $200 cash?

"I was happy, shocked, surprised, overwhelmed and thankful."

And we’re so happy and proud to call you a PrizeGrabber!

With winners every day, our list of winners is developing about as fast as everyone’s holiday wishlists. We don’t plan on slowing down either. We have perpetual momentum in full swing and this can mean only BIGGER and BETTER things for our PrizeGrabbers.

As I always say, enter OFTEN and every day! This gives you the best possible chance to WIN BIG!

For more ways to win, customer support, feedback, behind the scenes at PrizeGrab and live event times and dates, follow us by clicking the links below!

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And follow us on SnapChat @ “PrizeGrab”!

Make sure you COMMENT BELOW with what YOU want to see The PrizeGrab Cashanovas give away during a live stream!

Have a blessed day!

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