When you win, We smile!!

Do you have too many things going on in life? Family, money, friends... Just last week, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed!

It sounds ironic, but when I need a smile, I go online and see what PrizeGrabbers are doing!

Why? I know that this community of super sweepers will always send me kind words day in and day out. And it's not always about winning, sometimes it's about each other. Everyone plays with such well wishes it is amazing to see.

Just the other day Brittney C. from Calvert City, KY replied to a PrizeGrab email and said

"Thank you for the opportunity for people who are like me and may struggle week to week (single working mother) to have the chance to win a great prize for free."

I read through PrizeGrabbers' emails daily, and I love hearing wonderful kind words like this. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, Becky, and I wish you the best of luck!

When you win at just the perfect time, it's a blessing!

Although I can't win, because I'm a PrizeGrab employee, I can just imagine how glorious it would be to win right when you need a smile or pick-me-up. Working at PrizeGrab, I get so excited when I see people actually WINNING every single day! Seeing photos of your smiling faces is one of the best parts of my job! While it’s always fun to see photos of Samsung 65” HDTV and iPhone winner, some of my favorite winner photos have come from our daily gift card winners!

I try so hard to keep you updated with new winner photos by posting to our winners' page and to the PrizeGrab Facebook page but what I've heard from PrizeGrabbers is "WE WANT TO SEE MORE WINNERS"!

So continue reading and check out the nice things some of our gift card winners had to say! And a special thank you to winners that sent us these photos. The entire PrizeGrab team takes pride and joy in fulfilling our promises to winners, and we appreciate you taking the time to document your PrizeGrab winning moment!

First, we have Gloria R. of Howell, NJ who won a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Starbucks gift cards are always one of my favorite prizes to send out to members, because I know how much I’d love to have some free coffee in the morning!

When Gloria won, she replied to our email and said,

“Im so excited!! Ive never won a thing in my life! I had my doubts PrizeGrab.. but you totally blew that out of the water!! PrizeGrab is a "REAL" legitimate website that gives "REAL" prizes and im coming back for more! I cant believe it! THANK YOU, PRIZEGRAB!!! I just won a $10 StarBucks gift card on PRIZEGRAB.COM!! Thank you, PrizeGrab! Ill definitely be back for more!!”

After letting us know how excited she was about her Starbucks gift card, she took to Facebook to make sure to let all of the other PrizeGrabb Facebook fans know never to give up hope!

People really do win at PrizeGrab, and she wanted to make sure everyone knew!

Next is Tarsheka H. of Nashville, TN.

Her excitement was contagious in the office, and she made us all smile!

She let us know after she won exactly what she would do with her $10 Starbucks gift card! When she received her Starbucks card in the mail, she said it was a wonderful surprise.

What would she do with her $10 Starbucks gift card? Her answer: Hot chocolate! Well, yum!

Tarsheka's smile and love for hot chocolate was contagious in the office... and had us craving hot chocolate! Congratulations were in order even from all of her fellow PrizeGrabbers!

Check out how excited they were to congratulate her on the hot chocolate yummies!

Check out this next winner, Carrie J. of Broomfield, CO. who won a $10 Amazon gift card not once but twice!!! Her first win was in January of 2015. When she won, she was super excited and replied to us with,

"I'm so excited to get my gift card. I love PrizeGrab. Thanks so much!". Well, thanks Carrie, we love all of our PrizeGrabbers, too!!

But, she wasn't finished yet!

In February of 2015, Carrie won yet ANOTHER $10 Amazon gift card!! SURPRISE! That is so awesome, Carrie! She was as surprised as we were at PrizeGrab Headquarters! In a span of 30 days, Carrie won TWO separate $10 Amazon gift cards. When she found out, she said,

"My 2nd Amazon Card that I won, thanks PrizeGrab!!". Talk about luck! Congratulations, Carrie!

All of these winners and their comments fill me with warmth and, hopefully, they can fill you with hope! PrizeGrab is a place of love and compassion, and while I know it can be sad when your name isn't the one chosen for a prize, I just needed to share these positive vibes with you.

It's Free to Play, But You Can't Win if You Don't Enter

Remember you won't have a winning story featured on the PrizeGrab blog if you don't enter!

And the best way to enter is to always check your email, because we send you daily reminders with 1-click access. We love giving out prizes so much that we try to make sure that PrizeGrab is always Quick, Fun and Easy! So keep an eye out for our morning reminder email.

As you know, PrizeGrab is free and safe to play 100% of the time! We don’t charge for entries, or shipping if you win!

That’s what makes PrizeGrab far more unique than any other sweepstakes site. All it takes is one entry and your fortune could change! Of course, I always like to remind my fellow PrizeGrabber friends to enter the maximum number of times allowed per prize daily!

The only question left is... what do you hope to win right now? Comment below!

As always - Have a BLESSED and INSPIRING day!


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