Why YOU should throw out your postal stamps!

Hey guys... Hope here! I wanted to let you in on a little secret... I (just like you guys) am addicted to sweepstakes! So, I decided to write another post today to share an awesome win from one of our members. These are my favorite posts. It's fun to put a face to the name of one of our members.

Everyone meet William G. from Nevada who won $100 in Best Buy gift cards!! I mean, $100 at Best Buy could go towards buying a new Dell tablet, an Apple TV, Xbox video games or even a new Apple iPhone!

William won $100 for Best Buy!

All it takes these days is one click to enter a sweepstakes. Technology is pretty amazing if you think about it. Remember when you had to lick envelopes for a chance to win?! Now you can do it at home, instantly, in your pajamas while drinking coffee! I love the internet... LOL

I remember when I was younger, I'd get excited to get sweepstakes entries in the mail. My Mom and I would sit down at a table, write our addresses on the entry slips, and mail in our entries. Then we'd just wait and see if something showed up in the mail. We didn't have Facebook or Twitter... or any of that stuff. Also, I'd always enter a sweepstakes when I went to the grocery store or the mall... or any store really.

When William won his gift cards, he replied to a PrizeGrab email and said,

"A $100 Best Buy gift card will come in handy these days. Prizegrab.com ROCKS!".

Thanks for your kind words, William. It really makes the PrizeGrab team's day to hear positive things like this.

It's really kinda cool when I see our users post on Facebook, too. Seeing all of our winners' faces, smiles, wins and hearing what you do with your prize brightens my day.

I always see other Facebook users asking "is this real?", and I just want to scream from the rooftops, "YES! This place IS real!!!". I know it's so hard to believe you can get something for nothing, but it's true here!

So, what I want to know is... if you have won, what did you do with your prize?

If you haven't won yet, what prize do you want to see us offer on PrizeGrab? And, what would you do if you won that prize?

Let me know! I'm really curious!

As always, have an inspiring day!


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