Winning in High Definition!

Keeping our winners streak ALIVE, we add another entry to the winners list! 

With older, incredibly heavy CRT television sets going out of style faster than we give away prizes, it's no surprise that our TV sweepstakes are so popular! 

PrizeGrabber Elizabeth Church was randomly selected as the sweepstakes winner and became the owner of not only a NEW FLAT SCREEN, but as well as her and her husbands first TV in years! 

 The stunning 65" Sony 3D LED HDTV that Elizabeth won comes with all of the hottest features. It's powerful display brings stunning picture quality to whatever you're watching -- whether it's your favorite episode of Dancing with the Stars , a family DVD, or even live-streaming the PrizeGrab Cashanovas delivering a prize over the internet!

Elizabeth was so happy and grateful when the gorgeous, lightweight flat screen TV was delivered to her and her husband's home that she gave us some feedback on her experience!

This was Elizabeth and her husband's first TV in years and to top it off, it is a super sleek, thin and lightweight, HD television made by the top-rated brand Sony! TALK ABOUT LUCKY! 

Things going to people who need them the most! This ALWAYS makes me smile

1. What was your reaction when you found out you were the winner of the 65" Sony 3D LED HDTV?

"I was so excited when I won the TV because we did not have a TV and it was a real blessing to my husband and I."

2. What do you LOVE about PrizeGrab?

"I love PrizeGrab because it's the real deal."

3. What prize would you want to WIN next?

"I want to win the $10,000 prize as I have lost my job and it would help pay bills. The money would help greatly!"

As I always say, keep your entries maxed for the best possible chance to win BIG!


The stunning Samsung 4K 55" Ultra HD Curved Smart TV, would be the perfect addition to your home!

I'm sure Elizabeth did not expect to win the Sony 3D LED HDTV when she entered but it goes to show, you never know when it'll be your turn!

My favorite part of my job is that PrizeGrab is REAL and we're able to turn PrizeGrabbers like Elizabeth into believers...and lucky winners!

I always say, winners never quit and quitters never win! It takes so little time, it doesn't cost you anything, what do you have to lose?? Right now, we have a BEAUTIFUL Samsung 55" 4k Ultra HD Curved Smart TV, waiting to be shipped off to it's new owner. IT COULD BE YOU!

Due to the popularity of this prize, make sure you secure an entry every day and I highly recommend maximizing your entries as this improves your chances of winning this gorgeous TV!  

Tell me PrizeGrabbers, how would YOU react if you won a big screen HDTV?

Have a blessed week!


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